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take the bike safety pledge!

I pledge my commitment to make the City’s streets safer for bicyclists and all roadway users by being courteous and cautious. I furthermore pledge to:


  • Obey traffic laws and respect the right of others

  • Yield to pedestrians

  • Stop at all stop signs and traffic signals

  • Travel at the safe and legal speed

  • Be alert when making turns and crossing streets

  • Maintain a safe distance from other roadway users


As a bicyclist, I also pledge to ride in the same direction as traffic, wear a helmet, use lights at night, and be predictable and visible, especially while crossing streets, driveways, and intersections.


As a motorist, I also pledge to be especially alert for bicyclists and pedestrians, use turn signals, share the road responsibly and be extra cautious when passing bicyclists and while approaching driveways and sidewalks


With this pledge, I give my support to a better future for bicycling, one that is safe and fun for everybody.

*City of Phoenix Bike Pledge

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