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Everyone is going through hard times in life and it’s always going to get easier.

Just keep pushing through, keep grinding and

stay positive. 





Rob was born March 16, 1981, to John Dollar and Cindy Suttles, the oldest of four siblings.  When you hear the phrase “one of a kind”, that was Rob from the earliest age. 

As one of the most energetic, fun-loving, and charismatic individuals you could meet, if you had the privilege to meet Rob for an hour, you were guaranteed to remember him for a lifetime!  Rob’s love for his family and friends was second to none.  He was a selfless individual who would speak of his pride for his family and their accomplishments. 

As a friend, he was your best friend, the friend you knew was always there regardless of the situation.   


Rob approached life with passion and dedication!

Despite losing his life at a young age, Rob lived his life to the fullest. He maximized every day he was alive, doing what he loved and engaging with those he cared for. 

Whether it was Australian Rules Football, motocross, or, later in life cycling, Rob never did anything halfway.  It was either all out or not at all.  That’s the way he chose to live his life!


He inspired so many of us with his motto: "it always gets harder before it gets easier"

When Rob discovered cycling, he was hooked, making the transition from motocross to a road bike seemed to be a natural fit for him.  Rob’s energy on two wheels was contagious! 

As a cyclist, you could guarantee a few things from him, he was going to be energetic, positive, and forced himself and others to push harder than they thought was possible.  Whether he was going out for a solo ride, competing in a race, or out for a group ride, you knew he was going to be the most stoked rider you would come across.

Rob participated in a variety of cycling events over the years and always challenged himself to go back the next year to improve on his previous times. 

Over the years as a CAT 3 Road and CAT 2 Mountain Bike Racer, Rob’s name become well known through the cycling community. 

As a highly-respected rider, STRAVA chose to create a new segment next to the Chandler Mr. MFer in the Desert Foothills of Phoenix, which Rob had the top time on.  The new segment is a fitting representation of Rob, with the challenge it presents and the name given,


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