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South Mountain Park

Following Rob’s death at South Mountain Park in 2017, we have worked with park officials to expand their Silent Sunday program.  The Silent Sunday program closes the South Mountain road to public traffic once a month, providing a protected space for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. Initially, the program closed the road on the 4th Sunday of each month but we have been able to increase that to every Sunday with closures from 5 am - 10 am while keeping the full closure on the 4th Sunday.  Through continuous conversations about ways to improve the overall safety of the mountain for cyclists, in early 2022 South Mountain Park added a newly paved road that included a bicycle lane. In the coming years, we will help identify potential pullover areas where additional pavement could be added; a space for cyclists to pull over and safely allow cars to pass.  Additionally, we look to add the “3 Feet” signage along the roads as South Mountain Park begins its next round of improvements in 2023. We are also excited to partner with South Mountain Park Education Center for an annual Bike Safety month each October.  This program, for all ages and experience levels, will include a variety of events and activities focused on bicycle safety education.

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